Mar 28

Luce Liberia explores the Hromi cluster


Having just returned from my vacation to Risa, I was informed by Starfleet command that I have been given a new grade Lieutenant Commander (13). It would appear that the duty officers have been busy in my absence. The crew is starting to take shape at this point. Starfleet command implemented a new duty officer trade in program. The basic idea being that officers who aren’t performing to the best of their abilities can now be rotated out. This should definitely help with the war efforts.

Explore the Hromi Cluster

Stardate 89844.71 Lieutenant Grall contacted the U.S.S. Rijeka on subspace, he asked for our help with exploring the Hromi cluster. I agreed and set out for the Pi Canis block. After traveling through the Regulus block at warp 8.9, we passed through Pi Canis and into the Hromi cluster. This cluster appears to be less dense than the other clusters we have patrolled.

System Psi Volantis T285-C

Screenshot of system Psi Voltantis T285-C

Psi Voltantis T285-C

After arriving in the system we were immediately attacked by 3 Klingon bird of prey. Once the Klingons were defeated I contacted Starfleet for instructions. Starfleet command explained that the system was important and authorized me to use any means necessary to secure the system. As usual, the Klingons picked a beautiful system.

Klingon battlecruisers awaited us further in system. To say that I was glad we had altered the weapons configuration of the Rijeka would be an understatement. The new pair of mark iv dual heavy phaser cannons made a big difference in combat. They required a small change to tactics though.

The new tactic is to fly just into range, slow to a very low impulse speed and pound on their shields with the cannons. Once the cannons take out their shield normally the mark iv photon torpedo launcher finishes them off.

While retrieving items of use from the Klingon wrecks, we discovered a mark iv phaser relay tactical console. Up until now, we have been using the prefire chambers because of the expense of the phaser relay consoles. This should improve our combat efficiency even more.

System Beta 821-C

Screenshot of Boktian science vessel in system Beta 821-C

Beta 821-C

While exploring the Hromi cluster my science officer detected a group of Boktian ships in the Beta 821-C system. The warp signatures of the ships matched a group of raiders that had been attacked Federation colonies in the area. The Rijeka was sent to investigate. The Boktain use alot of torpedos, it was quite an interesting fight. There was something else odd, they raid in science vessels. As their shielding was weak versus phaser fire, the fight did not last very long.

The final ship in the system was a battleship. The battleship carried enough firepower to knock out our forward shields 3 times. My engineering staff keep repairing the shield generators for which I have submitted them for accommodations. I have probably mentioned it before but the crew is definitely starting to shape up.

System Sagittae TT

Screenshot of the Sagittae TT system

Sagittae TT

Science officer Enlay asked my permission to divert to the Sagittae TT system to explore some anomalous sensor readings. When we arrived there were 5 anomalous readings on scan. After spending some time working on the anomalies the science crew found a Methogenic particle trace. This is a rare particle that is sought by the science council.

I congratulated the science teams a little early, right before concluding the science mission they discovered another trace. This time it was a chronometric particle trace. Quite unusual to discover two rare particles in the same system, the science team was very proud of the work they had done.


After concluding this exploration mission, lieutenant Grall made the usual transfer of 1440 Dilithium ore for our efforts. This arrangement is still a very good way to gain the ore we need.