Season 8: The Sphere Release Date

Cryptic has finally given us the release date for Season 8: The Sphere. On November 12th, 2013 it will be released. Season 8 brings with it a new enemy, the Voth and and a new environment a Dyson Sphere. As always there will be new ships, reputation, and lockboxes I am sure 🙂 I will …

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Unlocking the box – Lucy Liberia

The setup I was contacted over subspace by the Ferrengi Grym. Having appropriated a few lock boxes from Quark’s private supply, Grym is offering to give them to me for removing them from Drozana station. Apparently Grym is worried that the security chief Commander Danz knows. The illicit goods After beaming down to the station, …

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Hearts and Minds

Sleeping quarters of dr sibak

Dr. Sibak Franklin Drake contacted me regarding a colleague of his, a Dr. Sibak. The doctor was a Vulcan priest, but worked with the science academy studying psionic phenomena on Vulcan. It appears the doctor went to the Donatu system to do some research. He hasn’t been seen in a couple of years and Drake …

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Luce Liberia explores the Khazan cluster

screen shot of RhoHerculis FV-881 system

System Rho Herculis FV-881 I have been asked by the local civilian authority to investigate the disappearance of a trader in the Rho Herculis FV-881 system. During our investigation of the wrecked ship, we determined the weapons to be Isolytic beam weapons. I was not expecting the Dia’fene senate to have destroyed their own ships. …

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Defera invasion zone event easy missions

Defera invasion event

 Arriving at Defera Once you have beamed down to the invasion zone, you are greeted by 4 different mission givers. Each of the have several missions that they can offer you. As you have three hours to do the missions, you might have to be choosy about which ones to do. The mission givers are: …

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Luce Liberia explores Delta Volanis cluster

Pi Majoris Y295-J system

System Gamma Kappa J While patrolling the Delta Volanis cluster, I was contacted by the Sterenko home world. They have lost several ships in the vicinity of Gamma Kappa J. The civilian government believes that the ships have been attacked by the Orion syndicate. They asked for our help to determine the fate of their …

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Luce Liberia explores the Arucanis Arm

screen shot of the entity Q

A strange encounter Sometimes the universe is a strange place. While at Earth space dock, I ran into the entity known as Q. From the warnings I recieved at the academy I was quite wary of speaking to this creature. However, to my surprise he offered to assist me. He offered a cheap magic trick …

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Dilithium Ore mining in Star Trek online

Screenshot of Dilithium Ore crystals

Vlugta asteroid field I was contacted earlier today by a Ferrengi named Isihl. Having purchased the mineral rights on an asteroid field near Bajor, she discovered it is filled with Dilithium ore. The problem is that she doesn’t have enough man power to mine it, and is offering a deal of splitting whatever I mine. …

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Luce Liberia explores the Hromi cluster

Screenshot of the Sagittae TT system

Vacation Having just returned from my vacation to Risa, I was informed by Starfleet command that I have been given a new grade Lieutenant Commander (13). It would appear that the duty officers have been busy in my absence. The crew is starting to take shape at this point. Starfleet command implemented a new duty …

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Luce Liberia has just been promoted to lieutenant commander

Screenshot of Kerrat system

Planet 0012-J Stardate 89816.79 Ships log. While exploring the Delta Volanis cluster, the crew of the U.S.S. Zemark and I discovered a group  of grave sites on planet 0012-J. After a closer examination of the text on the ruins, the universal translator determined that the ruins belonged to the D’Arsay culture. Specifically it corresponded to …

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