Apr 01

Luce Liberia explores Delta Volanis cluster

System Gamma Kappa J

Screenshot of system Gamma Kappa J

System Gamma Kappa J

While patrolling the Delta Volanis cluster, I was contacted by the Sterenko home world. They have lost several ships in the vicinity of Gamma Kappa J. The civilian government believes that the ships have been attacked by the Orion syndicate. They asked for our help to determine the fate of their transports.

It took quite a while to hunt down enough wrecks to determine a pattern to the destruction. Several of the wrecks showed they had been attack with anti proton weapons. Once that was established, it did not take long for my science officer to determine that the Orion syndicate was indeed behind the lost ships.

Having completed our investigation, I sent our records to the Sterenko authorities to handle as they see fit.

System Z-287 X

Asteroid belt in system Z-287 X

Z-287 X

The Amlevian government contact me regarding some supected Klingon activites. The Amlevian representative stated that several ships had gone missing in the asteroid belt of system Z-287 X.

After sifting through all the wrecks, I am reminded of the Gamma Kappa J. However, my science officer informed me that this was definitely Klingon in origin.

This tactic seems to be popular with outlaws in the cluster. Could it be that they are being directed from some unknown source? I will have to leave that to Starfleet intelligence. I have however informed them of my findings so far.

System Pi Majoris Y295-J

Pi Majoris Y295-J system

Pi Majoris Y295-J

Having detected a strange sensor reading in the Pi Majoris Y295-J system, my senior staff and I decided to investigate. While searching the system for the reading we located an Orion syndicate cruiser. The cruiser opened fire immediately, I was forced to destroy it. Command contacted me on subspace and authorized us to destroy the threat from the syndicate in Pi Majoris Y295-J.

After destroying 15 Orion syndicate corvette’s and a battleship, I am of the opinion that this was a staging system. Given it’s relative proximity to Gamma Kappa J, it is likely this is where the syndicate was launching raiding parties from. Given the loss of so many ships in such a short amount of time, perhaps the syndicate will leave this region of space alone for a while. Knowing how the criminals operate though, this will not deter them in any real way. Within a few months or even as little as a few days they will be back in greater numbers.

Dilithium ore and a new grade

Stardate 89856.13 After completing the exploration tour of Delta Volanis, I recieved 1440 Dilithium ore from lieutenant Grall. I was also inform by command that I had achieved a new grade lieutenant commander (16). A little over half way to commander, I must say the journey has been shorter than I would have expected. Either the Federation is hurting for officers or I am doing better than I had hoped.