Mar 30

Luce Liberia explores the Arucanis Arm

A strange encounter

screen shot of the entity Q


Sometimes the universe is a strange place. While at Earth space dock, I ran into the entity known as Q. From the warnings I recieved at the academy I was quite wary of speaking to this creature. However, to my surprise he offered to assist me.

He offered a cheap magic trick as he called it that would allow my crew and I to learn things quicker. Having the ability to learn things quicker means that I can get to destroying Borg faster so I agreed.

He explained that there was also a new type of Tribble that I could obtain from a gentleman in front of club 47. Of course with Q there is always a catch, the new Tribble was a limited time offer, and if you pestered Q himself he would turn you into an animal. I saw quite a few new captains fall for his trick and pester him. Perhaps they will pay more attention to their studies next time they are at the academy.

I will say this for Q he holds up his end of the bargain. Right after speaking to him, I went to the holodeck to do some officer reports and was awarded a new grade Lieutenant Commander (14). I then went down to Starfleet academy and took a midterm on the history of the federation and was told that I am very close to a new grade.

System Gamma Australis Beta 464

Screeshot of Gamma Australis Beta 464

Gamma Australis Beta 464

Science officer Enlay detected some anomalous readings in the system and asked that we investigate. We discovered an asteroid field orbiting one of the two planets in the system.

Upon closer examination, nothing of any real significance was discovered. Several biological and mineral samples but nothing truly unique.

Sometimes exploration is like this, a lot of searching to find very little. It’s those moments when we discover great things that make it all worth while though. Imagine being the first to discover a new species, or a new type of particle.

System 9207-TAU

Screen shot of system 9207-TAU

System 9207-TAU

While transiting the Arucanis Arm, we received a distress signal from a T’lonian freighter. It had been attacked by the Kenshek.

The Kenshek were still in the area and the freighter needed someone to guard it while it made repairs. Normally I wouldn’t get involved except for the fact that the T’lonian life support system was failing.

Without help they would have lost their ship and I would have had to explain my actions to their government. So, I decided to defend them while they made repairs.

The Kenshek sent four seperate waves of ships to attack the freighter. The final being a battleship. After destroying the battleship, we discovered they had a mark iv set of impulse engines. I have spoken to engineering and they believe that we can use them.

System C-487

Screenshot of system C-487

System C-487

The T’lonian government contacted me regarding some ships that were lost in the C-487 system. They had concerns that the Strekkelan were deliberately trying to provoke a conflict by attacking civilian freighters. They asked me to look into the matter as they didn’t have any ships in the area.

After searching the system we located several disabled T’lonian freighters. Scanning they freighters revealed that an anti-proton weapon system had been used to attack the ships. With that information, it did not take long to locate the Strekkelan ships. Although we are not at war, the Strekkelan attacked the Rijeka.

This left me no choice. I destroyed their ships and alerted the civilian authority of the T’lonians. They deliberated on what to do about the situation, finally agreeing to treat it as a criminal matter rather than an act of war. I believe they made the right decision.


Stardate 89848.66 Starfleet command has sent a new tactical officer candidate to the Rijeka. A Saurian male whose biographical data states that he is extremely efficient.  I have not decided whether to keep him as of yet but I am leaning in that direction. Hopefully he will work out.

I also received the 1440 Dilithium ore from lieutenant Grall for completing another exploration cruise.