Mar 05

The path to 2409 event walkthrough

Time and location

The path to 2409 event occurs at Starfleet Academy in the SOL system of the Sirius block. The event happens randomly but at least 2 times per day. Its an easy way to make 480 dilithium ore and if you are lucky earn quite a bit of energy credits.

Commander Viala

Location of Commander Viala

Commander Viala

To locate the commander open your minimap and look for the location illustrated to the right. The stern faced commander has a motto, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”. Once you arrive she has two quests for you.

History 101 and 102, it’s up to you but since you are already here you might as well take both of them and make some bank.


History 101: Alpha Quadrant from 2380

This one is extremely simple and is where you will earn your energy credits if your lucky. Basically all you have to do is go to the terminal to the left of the commander. When you are there you should get the option to “Access library terminal”. Access the terminal and you will receive two data chips. Now if you do this at any other time, you will only receive one chip. Those data chips can sell on the exchange for upwards of 200 thousand energy credits a piece if they are rare enough so always check.

History 102: Alpha Quadrant Midterm

Terminal to test your knowledge in starfleet academy

Test your knowledge

The midterm exam is a bit more complicated. First you have to go to the terminals, there are three of them. The terminals have an action called “Test your knowledge”. When you choose this you will be given a question that you must answer. Those answers come from the data chips you received from History 101. But the questions and the data chips don’t always match. So, what do you do? Well, you can check my list of 2409 questions which is admittedly short at the moment. If you would like to help out the other people that visit here sign up for the wiki and add to the questions.


My question isn’t on the list

For the people who’s question isn’t on the list all is not lost. There is another section in the wiki that you can use to answer your question. It lists the text from all the data chips so that you can look it up for yourself.

How often can I do this?

You can do this particular event daily. I recommend doing it every day.  The 480 dilithium is worth the minute or so to look up the question and answer. If you can’t be on during the event the only thing that you miss out on is the second data chip all the other rewards stay the same. If you don’t feel like editing the wiki or even if you don’t know how but you want to contribute a question and answer please by all means add them in the comments section below and I will add them to the wiki for you.